"Journeys, like artists, are born and not made. A thousand differing circumstances contribute to them, few of them willed or determined by the will --whatever we may think."
Lawrence Durrell

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Ride

I am preparing to embark on a journey around our great country.  I will be visiting the 48 continental United States by bicycle over the next year.  I cycled on Hawaii a little this May, so by the end I will have ridden in 49 of the 50 United States.  I will be starting next Wednesday at 8:45 am at Paddock Lane Elementary School in Beatrice, Ne.  I worked at this school a couple of years ago and they decided to throw me a farewell party.  Some of the students will be tracking my progress as a geography project.  

Once I leave the school I will head to Denver and the second state in my ride.  From there it will be southeast to Florida and hopefully a moderately nice winter along the south.  I will then head up the west coast and back east over spring and summer, and then back to Nebraska from New England in the fall of next year.  That is the plan.  Next is the execution.  I am taking this trip in faith as the people in Hebrews 11 were recognized for.

the bike

The bicycle I will be taking (or that will be taking me) on this trip is a Trek 7.5 fx hybrid that I have outfitted for touring.  It has an aluminum frame and manual disc brakes (which should make for better stopping with all my gear).  It has a Surly front rack and an Axiom rear rack, both of which can hold up to 75 lbs (150 lbs overall), which I hope to never have.  It has Armadillo tires and SPD clipless pedals.  It is also outfitted with fenders to keep me a little cleaner as I ride.  There are also Profile Design bar ends, a Trek incite 9i wireless computer, a dolce ti saddle, and four bottle cages.  Most of the components on this bike, as well as the bike, were purchase at The Bike Rack in Lincoln or Omaha.  

the gear

the gear list is a long one, with only a few luxuries afforded.  Here's the list:

msr whisperlite stove, 2 msr fuel bottles, lighter, matches, pot, pot grip, pan, spatula, flipper, can opener, 6 liter msr dromedary bag, spice kit, lexan plate, fork, measuring cup, mug, dish towel

cabela's xpg 2-man tent, wiggy's 35 degree bag with nylon liner, thermarest prolite 3 regular sleeping pad, ground sheet, petzl myobelt 5 headlamp, rope, pea cord, msr trekker wing tarp, 2 petzl charlet trekking poles, amazon backpackers hammock, webbing and carabiners

Cycling Clothing
2 cycling jerseys, 2 pr cycling shorts, overshorts, canary rain jacket, froggtogg rain pants, 2 pr cycling socks, cycling leggings (fleece lined), 2 bandannas, specialized helmet, fleece gloves, beanie, marmot medium weight long undershirt, 2 rei reflective bands, lake mtb cycling shoes

Regular Clothing
rei jacket, jeans, belt, smartwool socks, western shirt, 2 tee shirts, swim suit, teva flips, columbia hat, sierra designs down booties, x-men fleece vest(thrift store purchase, awesome), leather work gloves, long socks, mosquito headnet

first aid kit, batteries, portable radio, macbook, ipod, phone, sony cybershot digital camera, knife sharpener, bible, reading books, journal, sunglasses, sewing kit, brunton data center, playing cards, harmonica

pack towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, shaving cream, aftershave, beard trimmer, shampoo, soap, contact solution, contact lenses, contacts case, lotion, deodorant, glasses and case

Bike Accessories
cat eye headlight, taillight, helmet taillight, 5 water bottles, bike stand, bike lock, extra cables, gerber multi-tool, spare tubes, spare spokes, zip ties, repair kit, duct tape, lube, gorilla glue, pump, rags, spare bolts, patch kit, mirror, chamois butter

In just a few short days, the journey begins...


Dusty said...

josh, i'm super psyched for you! if we were home, i might think about joining you for part of it. if you need a place to stay in denver, rebecca's brother lives in boulder, and her dad in westminster. also, i'm sure my parents would be happy to host you in tulsa. just let me know if any of these locations are along your way and if you'd like me to contact them for you.
do you think that maybe in a future blog you could talk more about this faith-based journey? i'd love to hear more about that.

Ralph Esten said...

In 2008 My nephew rode from Pennsylvania to Alaska to raise money for cancer. His ride and yours inspire people to test themselves and reach for goals that were once thought to be unattainable. I'm sure your ride was a great sucess.

My congratulations, and many thanks for the inspiration!


Ralph Esten