"Journeys, like artists, are born and not made. A thousand differing circumstances contribute to them, few of them willed or determined by the will --whatever we may think."
Lawrence Durrell

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Finale

Hey All

Figured it was about time to update since I have now been off the road for almost a week. I didn't have a lot of rest time for the first couple of days off, but am starting to get back to a schedule and my body is starting to feel rested again. I ended with almost 14,500 miles pedaled on my bike with gear and a few hundred more on top of that without the gear. I also rode three ferries and hitchhiked a couple of times. Suffice it to say I travelled over 15,000 miles this year.

Once home I got my body fat and metabolism and a few other things checked. I sit at about 7% body fat (8-14 is recommended) and burn through almost 3,000 calories on a normal person's normal day.

My bike is currently in the shop being put back together to be fresh and ready for a new ride. When I dropped it off the guys asked if I've been doing some touring and when I said I just got done with a near 15,000 mile ride their eyes popped out and their jaws dropped and I just smirked.

As I rode into town last thursday I rode up the hill to Paddock Lane Elementary school and was greeted by a row of students, friends, and family, along with the newspaper, for two blocks up to the school. The students were chanting my name and waving signs to welcome me back. I then headed into the school and shared a brief bit about my trip and answered some questions before they let out school. I then did a quick interview with the paper and started my ride home. I parked my bike in the garage and left it there for a few days before I tore into it and got it to the shop.

I plan on writing a wind up of the trip, adding a few pics, and jotting a few more notes, but I want to take some time and figure it out. Hopefully I will have something in a week. Thanks to all those who supported me and prayed for me and did any other sorts of goodwill for me along the trip. I appreciate all the friends, family, friends of family, family of friends, newly acquired friends, and complete strangers who encouraged me along the way. It would definitely not have been possible without you. The magnitude of the trip is still sinking into me. I encourage you all to start or continue chasing dreams and live a life of adventure and meaning.



denbec said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

Hannah said...

Sounds like a good ending! So proud of you!

Luke Harlow said...

This is so cool. It was great to meet you in Grand Rapids (with Jeremy and Sheri and their girls) and I have been following your blog and progress every since. What an amazing accomplishment!

maryjt said...

Well done, Good and Faithful servant!

Pat Wisniewski said...

Congrats Josh!
We rode, as we did with you, along the same way out of town just yesterday with another bicyclist on his way through. It was great to meet you and we wish you the best in all you do,
Pat, Karen, Amelia, Kassie
Newark, Delaware

RĂ³bert said...

Great trip, congratulation!Next summer i'll do a UK-Hungary trip.

Hannah said...

Hmmm, still waiting for that recap blog post :). I'd love to hear what you think of the whole adventure a few months later! Anyway, I hope all is well in Texas. (I think that's where you are right now...)